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Especias Arias

Medicinal herbs

The world of medicinal herbs is the widest one because of the variety of spices and the final use.

ESPECIAS ARIAS provides about 400 varieties of these plants that cover the main medicinal uses known until now.

Medicinal herbs AriasThat is why ESPECIAS ARIAS has been carrying out for decades the role of assistant in the composition of antibiotics and dietetic foods for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our aim is to keep our products from their harvest with the highest medicinal value regarding active principles, extracts and essential oils that are contained in these curative plants. For that reason, the processes of drying, grinding , sieving of impurities, granulation and pulverization are made under the supervision of our specialized team.

Our company also inverts in Research & Development as a complement for the information attached to our products and as combined research with chemical factories.

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