The aromas of tradition

Especias Arias

Saffron and spices


Saffron AriasWe have available Saffron in filaments and Saffron powder.

ESPECIAS ARIAS puts at your disposal this classic essential item in different boxes, either as an ingredient in the elaboration of food products or as a flavouring ingredient used in cooking.

Boxes of 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8 grams.



ESPECIAS ARIAS markets every type of spices imported from the main spice-producing areas all over the world.

At the entrance of our warehouses, an initial analysis to these raw materials is passed to prove the quality after their harvest and transport.

Then, depending on their final use, the raw materials pass a process of treatment . Our technological equipment is compo sed of cutting machines, sieves and mills, fully computerized and automated, that guarantee the total reliability and productive capacity. They are solid and strong machines that can reach high daily productions without overheating the product.

Finally, the finished product is kept in individualized storage rooms at the suitable temperature for each one.

Thus, we will get a fully finished product with quality guarantee for its direct use in the industry for the elaboration of cold meat , seasoned products, sauces, pickles, additives, batches, pastry, etc.

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